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Girl's Names beginning with U

Ulima Meaning Wise Ulrica also known as Ulrika Meaning Ruler of all Uma Meaning Bright Famous Names Uma Thurman (Actress) Una al…...

Girl's Names beginning with V

Val Meaning Strong Valda Meaning Ruler Valentina Meaning Strong Valerie also known as Val Meaning Strong Vanessa Meaning Butterfl…...

Girl's Names beginning with W

Wallis Meaning Stranger Wanda Meaning Young shoot Wei Meaning Precious Wendy Meaning White Famous Names Wendy Richard (Soap Actre…...

Girl's Names beginning with X

Xanthe Meaning Yellow, golden Xena Meaning Hospitality Xenia Meaning Hospitality Xiang Meaning Fragrant     ...

Girl's Names beginning with Y

Yasmin Meaning Fragrant flower Famous Names Yasmin Le Bon (Model) Yolanda Meaning From the flower Yvette Meaning Yew wood Yvonne …...

Girl's Names beginning with Z

Zahra also known as Zahara Meaning Flower Zandra Meaning Its source is Alexandros Zara Meaning Princess Famous Names Zara Phillips …...

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